Collective2 I Medallion X

Automatic execution of trades of the "Medallion X" (Forex) trading system in your own trading account with brokers Forex trading: Interactive Brokers, Oanda, Trade Pro, FXCM, AGM Markets. Reasonable results, risk control, maximum drawdown per month 10%. 
Medallion X I YTD 2021 + 43.2%*
Maximum drawdown - 10.8%
AUM Subscribers C2 on my systems = 1,172,500 USD*
Sims + Subscribers = 58*

Collective2 I Medallion CME

Automatic execution of trades of the "Medallion CME" (Futures) trading system in your trading account with brokers providing trading on CME Group - Interactive Brokers, GAIN Capital, AMP Clearing, NinjaTrader, Trade Pro, AGM Markets, CTS Platform (any broker), CQG Platform (any broker), Rithmic Platform (any broker). Reasonable results, risk control, maximum drawdown 10% per month.
Medallion CME I YTD 2021 + 12.5%*
Maximum drawdown - 7.8%

Managed Accounts Program

The Managed Accounts Program provides you with an individual approach that can help you tailor our trading system to meet your investment needs through MAM-accounts with Swissquote, Interactive Brokers, Oanda, Daniels Trading, GAIN Capital Futures, Striker Securities.
The minimum connection amount is from 250 000 USD (Forex), from 500 000 USD (Currency Futures CME Group).