Managed Accounts Program | MAM-accounts

1) The Managed Accounts Program provides you with an individual approach that can help you customize our trading system through MAM to meet your investment needs. 

2) MAM-account is the most reliable and honest way of interaction between an investor and a trader. The principle of operation of a MAM account allows trading on a single account (not to be confused with PAMM), by connecting client trading accounts to this account with the necessary risk parameters. At MAM, each account is individual and separate from each other, the actions of one person or group of people do not affect the final result of each account, there is no conflict of interest, as is always the case in PAMM. 

3) The currency of your trading account to choose from - USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD. 

4) The minimum amount of connection is from 250 000 USD (Forex), 500 000 USD (Currency futures CME Group).

5) Individual conditions for risk management (your choice), maximum drawdown per year up to 15%, 30%, maximum drawdown per month up to 5%, 10%. 

Success fee 

Payment is made only on the fact of the profit received for the period, no additional fees are made from you, only the success fee (success fee), the larger the amount of your trading account, the less you pay the percentage (success fee 20%, 17%, 15%) from the received profit. Writing off the payment of remuneration from profit - quarterly or at the end of the calendar year. This calculation and write-off is carried out by the broker itself on the basis of the initially provided documents on the amount and frequency of settlements: 

1) from 250,000 USD to 1,500,000 USD offer 20%. 

2) from 1,500,000 USD to 5,000,000 USD offer 17%. 

3) from 5 000 000 USD and more offer 15%. 

Connecting to the Managed Accounts Program | MAM accounts 

Initially, you need to select a program to connect to the Managed Accounts Program (MAP): 

1) "MAP Individual (Forex)" from 250,000 USD. 

2) "MAP Individual (Currency Futures CME Group)" from 500,000 USD. 

Choosing a broker | Open a trading account for connection 

After choosing a program to connect to the Managed Accounts Program (MAP), contact me to agree on further steps for opening a trading account with one of the following brokers Interactive Brokers, Trade Pro, FXCM, AGM Markets, Tradovate, StoneX, Trade Pro, GarWood , AMP Clearing, AGM Markets, Ninja Trader, CTS Platform (any broker), CQG Platform (any broker), Rithmic Platform (any broker), ETNA Trader (any broker).