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April 19, 2024 | Collective2 | M8888 (FX futures CME)

I continue to optimize my system. Corrected errors. The system has become more reliable and stable. 
1) M8888 (FX futures CME) + 28.5%*, max dd - 18.9% | https://collective2.com/details/146821622 
2) Trading experience since 2006. Experience in managing a fund of 20 million USD. The plan and goal for the future is to open a hedge fund. Manual trading is based on the use of advanced mathematical algorithms that generate accurate entry and exit signals, as well as on the analysis of intraday currency futures of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). Trading is carried out both on the trend and on the turns, for the currency pairs GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF. Each trade is protected by stop loss. Not a martingale. 
3) My public verified trading results | 2011 + 12.11% | 2012 + 105.51% | 2013 + 272.49% | 2014 + 182.49% | 2015 + 121.17% | 2016 + 65.57% | 2017 + 18.24% | 2018 + 88.6% | 2019 +16.5%. 
4) Attention! To be honest with you, this is not my first profile here. I had great periods here, when the number of paid subscribers was about 100 and the amount under management was about 7 million USD (this is the period from February 2018 to July 2019). For 2018, a profit of 88% was shown, but then 95% of customers left due to a profit of 16% per year!!! From experience I can say that low drawdowns and moderate profit (10-25% per year) are of little interest here, and when you start showing such a result 80-90 percent of clients leave. Strategies with large profits, which lead to large drawdowns in the future, are very popular. This is a pattern and a vicious circle. The more profit the more drawdown awaits you in the future. Therefore, I began to use my system with aggressive risks, which led to a series of failures. Therefore, when subscribing to the system, be sure to set the risk limit acceptable for you in your profile. 
5) In the period from November 2021 to October 2022, I had the ARK system here, until May 2022 there was a stable growth of customers, excellent results for six months, a profit of more than 250%, the number of paid subscribers is slightly more than 100, funds are 15 million USD. Then I started trading more conservatively (less risky) and the number of subscribers dropped by 9 times in 3 months!!! I started trading again but more aggressively and this eventually resulted in an error, there was a large drawdown when selling USD/JPY due to the high leverage I took, the idea was right to sell 145-147-150 take profit 135-133 -131, but very poor execution resulted in a loss. I'm the only one to blame for this and there's no excuse for it. Now I'm back. Take a break from trading. During this time, I have optimized my system, leaving only the best algorithms there, and optimizing risk management. I believe in my system. Archive of my systems here for this 2018-2022 system: https://collective2.com/details/117695605, https://collective2.com/details/121833418, https://collective2.com/details/139046671 
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