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August 4, 2020 | Collective2 | Daily risk control | DD10 | DD5

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
+ System name “AAA Fund Plus” has been renamed to “DD5”. 
+ New system "DD10" has been opened. 
Automatic execution of trades in the "DD10", "DD5" trading systems in your own trading account with brokers providing Forex trading. Reasonable results, strict daily risk control. 
Risk management rules for DD10, DD5 systems: 
1) Maximum drawdown for the month -10%, - 5%; 
2) Maximum drawdown for the year - 30%, - 15%; 
3) Daily risk report (forum + mailing to subscribers by mail). 
DD10 | https://collective2.com/details/130313599 
DD5 | https://collective2.com/details/129314442 
Thanks for your support and trust.The trade continues. Before each trade is opened, the risk is calculated, and only after that the trade is opened. Risk control comes first in systems. If this is important to you, then these systems should be in your portfolio. 
Contact for communication | info@pfsignal.com