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May 1, 2022 | Collective2 | ARK 3 (FX futures CME)

ARK 3 (FX futures CME) | https://collective2.com/details/140224028 
I opened a new system of ARK 3, the limit of subscribers is 10. ARK 3 duplicates ARK 2. What is this system for then? To distribute the restrictions of the regulator and the exchange. Now on the ARK 2 system, 22 subscribers and 7.2 million USD. When I had 10-12 subscribers there were reasonable entry volume limits, but with each subscriber these volumes are reduced. Therefore, on ARK 2, I closed the reception of new subscribers today. There are no limits on ARK 3 now, but I limited the number of subscribers to 10. In the future, ARK 2 will also have a limit of 10-12 subscribers, now there are 22. This will allow us to match the results of the ARK 1 system. 
Sims + Subscribers = 237* 
AUM Subscribers C2 on my systems = 12,101,000 USD* 
Contact for communication | info@pfsignal.com